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iConic Dental Care is a state-of-the-art dental practice in Los Gatos, CA. Our office is not only aesthetically pleasing, it incorporates advancements in the dental field and information technology with just one goal in mind, which is to "Simplify your dental needs". Our practice is focused on patient care, comfort, and satisfaction. We have designed our office with attention-to-detail, so that it is pleasant for our patients and conducive for our staff to provide the best possible dental care.

We use top-of-the-line dental equipment in our office to provide outstanding dental care. We have built a paperless and chartless office, and we use technological advancements such as digital x-rays and intraoral cameras for diagnosis and treatment planning. We use iMac computers and iPads in our office, which seamlessly integrate with the dental equipment to provide superior operational excellence. Data security is foremost in our mind, so our systems use strong encryption to ensure that our patient data is safe.

We understand the apprehensions and concerns most patients have while selecting a healthcare provider, and to alleviate those concerns, we offer a 30-minute no-obligation office tour to all our new patients. You just need to provide your name to schedule an office tour, and you will see the office, meet the staff, and speak with our Principal Dentist, Dr. Jhamb. If you are comfortable in selecting us as your dental care provider, then you can call us back to schedule an appointment. Most of our patients schedule an appointment right after the office tour, and a select few call us back later.

Our practice believes in building a strong relationship with our patients, and we cherish the opportunity to improve their complete dental health. Our office adheres to a zero-wait policy, which means that there is no double-booking, and you will see the doctor upon arrival. We practice conservative dentisty, educating our patients on all aspects of the treatment, so that they can make informed decisions. Our office operates with the highest integrity and ethical standards, and we guarantee that we will not sell you a treatment that you don't need. We also keep abreast with the latest trends in dentistry; you can be assured that we are always using the latest advances in dentistry and information technology to take care of your dental health.

Our office accepts all major insurance plans, and we also extend a courtesy to cash patients. We also provide additional courtesy to full-time students, senior citizens, military personnel and veterans. We believe that everyone deserves basic dental care, so we make every effort to simplify the dental needs of anyone that walks in our door.

Our Team

Hema Jhamb DDS

iConic Dental Care is founded by Dr. Jhamb, who serves as the President and Principal Dentist of the practice. Dr. Jhamb has been practicing dentistry for over 25 years, and she has been working as an associate in dental office across the south bay for almost 20 years. Dr. Jhamb enjoys an excellent rapport with all her patients, as they value her gentle hands and tireless efforts in educating them. Some of Dr. Jhamb's patients travel from as far as Sacramento and Monterey to be seen by her, and in fact, we have had a patient who has flown all the way from LA and Texas to have dental treatment performed by Dr. Jhamb.

In addition to practicing dentistry, Dr. Jhamb has been a state board examiner for dental auxilaries, and an adjunct faculty at San Jose City College. Dr. Jhamb is also involved with volunteer efforts, such as "Give Kids a Smile", and when opportunity arises, she speaks at local schools on the importance of oral health and dental well-being. Dr. Jhamb enjoys running and hiking with her family.

Teresa Allen, RDA

Teresa is a Board Certified Registered Dental Assistant. She has over 25 years of experience in the field of dental assisting. Teresa is a sincere and meticulous professional. She is very gentle in chair side assisting and compassionate towards the patients needs. Teresa is great in educating patients with the oral hygiene care and regularly attends the continuing education seminars to learn and enhance her dental profession. In her free time, Teresa enjoys cooking, baking, and going to the Santa Cruz beaches with her husband and son.

Megan Strle, DA

Megan graduated with honors in 2014 from Charter College in Southern California with a Certification in Dental Assisting. She is licensed to take X-rays and is CPR Certified. Her educational foundation gives her a strong understanding of General & Cosmetic Dentistry. She has also been in Customer Service for over 10 years. Megan is a soft-spoken, hard-working person, who has a warm personality and values every patients' well-being. She always makes sure that they receive the best possible care and education in oral hygiene. In her spare time, Megan enjoys reading novels, journaling, going for hikes and mountain bike rides in the mountains of Santa Cruz.

Rachel Federline, DA

Rachel graduated as a Board Certified Dental Assistant in June 2007 with certification in radiology and infection control. She has been working as a dental assistant since then, providing superior patient care and educating the patients about oral health and hygiene. Rachel is very friendly, and she strikes a conversation effortlessly. Rachel is proficient in assisting all chair-side procedures, and she is abreast with the latest trends in dentistry and information technology. Rachel volunteers in her daughter's school in her spare time, and she enjoys hiking, fishing, and spending time with her family.

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