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Preventive & Cosmetic Services
Restorative Services

We offer regular cleaning, deep cleaning and gum treatment with the latest Piezo scalers, which are very gentle to the oral tissue, and yet highly efficient in removing the deposits and stains. Our patients have no sensitivity after deep cleanings. We also strive to educate our patients with the use of digital intraoral imaging and overhead monitors. Our in-office whitening system is very popular, and unlike most other whitening procedures, it is easy, quick, with no sensitivity, and offers guaranteed results. We want you to get excited about your new smile.

Endodontic Services

Most people consider root canal treatment to be the most unpleasant and tiresome procedure, but our office alleviates this concern with the use of the latest rotary files that help us to complete the entire treatment in just one visit. Our Principal Dentist, Dr. Jhamb, is often referred to as the "Root Canal Doctor" by her patients, and we have patients who visit us from Sacramento and Monterey to undergo a root canal treatment with Dr. Jhamb. We also retreat failing root canals with a high success rate, which is highly appreciated by our patients.

Our office uses state-of-the-art digital x-rays to diagnose the incipient caries, and recurrent caries under old fillings. We use digital sensors for x-rays, which results in minimal radiation exposure, making them comparatively much safer than the conventional x-rays. We perform only composite restorations (white filings) for all our patients as an upgrade to amalgam fillings. We  take pride in restoring chipped and broken teeth, and the results are as good as new. The use of intraoral imaging, allows us to demonstrate pre- and post-operative comparison of the restorative procedure.

Prosthodontic Services

We provide various options to our patients to restore their missing or broken teeth. Our crown-and-bridge work showcases beautifully carved anatomy of the tooth, and provides excellent color matching. We offer all ceramic crowns and bridges, which is provided as a upgrade to all our patients. We also do smile reforms to enhance the brightness and symmetry of your smile. If you are thinking of dentures, we can educate you on the step-by-step process, and make the transition an easy one.

Oral Surgery Services

There are unfortunately certain instances when a tooth is not salvageable and extraction is the only option. Our office performs both simple and surgical extractions, including third-molar extractions. All extractions at our office follow a methodical treatment plan, starting with careful evaluation of the patient's health history, and ending with proper follow-up after the procedure. We offer personalized advice to the patient on precautions and care after the procedure.

Pedodontic Services

We enjoy working with children, as the prospect of introducing dental awareness to a young patient is a very rewarding experience. Our team is well-aware of the current trending topics, movies and games for every age group, so it is always easy for us to make an interesting two-way conversation with our young patients and ease their anxiety in all respects. Our young patients are pleasantly surprised with the nice goodies they receive after the treatment.

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